We are Proud to announce that
Silent No More has won a NAFCA for best Docudrama! Congratulations cast and crew!

Anything Is Possible DVD and soundtrack
Silent No More

A man slashes his wife’s throat in front of their child.  A family torments a girl born of a shameful secret.  And a woman’s wicked words curse her daughter to fall prey to a rapist.  The spine-chilling horror of these true-life nightmares exposes the shocking brutality of domestic violence.  And as these courageous women band together to seek strength from their pain, they are SILENT NO MORE.  This poignant, gripping film brings this deadly epidemic out of hiding.  With sweeping cinematography and bold storytelling that features Kym Whitley, Tiny Lister and K.D. Aubert, this unforgettable film will inspire viewers to be SILENT NO MORE.

Anythings is Possible

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Anything is Possible

A family shattered…a children’s home in jeopardy…a wounded heart…and kids on a mission to make a difference.  These powerful elements spark gripping drama, suspense, comedy, love and beautiful music.  This spectacular film stars piano prodigy, Ethan Bortnick with Jonathan Bennett, Lacey Chabert, Kym Whitley, Fatima Ptacek, and David Haines.  This is a wholesome, feel-good movie that will entertain the entire family with a message about sharing love and good will for all people.  This film features lush cinematography, original songs and a suspenseful story that will make viewers laugh, cry and believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.